Meet the team


Steve has been riding mountain bikes since the days when suspension was still on the drawing board but there were options for springs in your saddle!
Migrated from the UK to New Zealand in the mid-nineties and started to discover what Real Mountain Biking was all about; wild places, rugged country, weaving through the trees on skinny bush tracks, breathing in fresh alpine air, gasping from those monster climbs and the stunning scenery.
 In the late nineties he joined the local MTB club and soon got involved with the committee and for the past ten years has had the dubious title of Club President. Since 2002 he has been involved in leading trips for club members all over the country continually testing and discovering new trails and enjoying some amazing mountain biking along the way.


Dale ran early helicopter-biking MTB trips here on the Kapiti Coast back in 1995; he has been involved in organising trips on the Otago Rail Trail down south and spends many a long hour in the saddle high in the hills. Dale has recently ridden in the inaugural 'Tour Of Aotearoa' (New Zealand) riding from Cape Reinga at the top to Bluff at the bottom mostly off-road. Here he is riding through some of our local ‘minimalist style’ trails.

Steve (L)

Steve has been active in the local MTB community for the past 25 years. "Here in Kapiti we are fortunate to have an extensive range of trails, from coastal seaside cruisers to long, technical, back country epics available right on our doorstep". Steve also has mountain biked in most areas of the country, and believes that NZ offers the full range of MTB experiences. He is the current President of the Kapiti MTB Club, and has been instrumental in establishing the local MTB park at Whareroa Farm. "These experiences have made me appreciate what is available to the keen rider in an environment that is the equal of any available in the world".


Graeme has been involved with the MTB club since the late nineties and has led many an expedition to places that few of us had visited before, as he is also a keen orienteer we have entrusted him with the map reading which has led us to several unexpected places! Here he is negotiating a rock descent on the West Coast.


Jan is the lady you are likely to speak to in the office, we need someone to keep us in check and make sure we aren’t out riding our bikes when there is paperwork to do and tours to organise. Jan is also a trained massage practitioner and aromatherapist (just ideal for those tired biking limbs). Here she is taking a beach ride near home along the Kapiti Coast just outside Wellington.