About Us

Our Story

Our beginnings

We are all members of the Wellington Region Mountain Biking Clubs and have been involved in taking club members on wild and remote Real MTB adventures all around New Zealand for over 20 years.

Here in New Zealand there has been a surge in cycle track building in the last few years both by local volunteers and the NZ government who have invested 50 million dollars in the New Zealand Cycle Trail network. This means that now there are more kilometres of mountain bike trails in NZ waiting to be explored than there have ever been before. This vast network of trails alongside glacial blue lakes, through high alpine terrain, thick bush clad mountainsides, and next to the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea led us to thinking one night over a glass of REAL New Zealand craft beer that we could share the knowledge and experience we have accumulated riding these remote and wild places throughout the country … and from this idea REAL MOUNTAIN BIKING ADVENTURES NEW ZEALAND was born.

Our philosophy


Our Speciality is ensuring mature MTB folk enjoy their mountain biking here in New Zealand by “riding hard, getting dirty” (if necessary!) during the day and “eating well, sleeping comfortably” when the day is done, we don’t put an age on ‘mature’ but the trips are aimed at experienced cross country mountain bikers rather than gravity junkies! (That’s not to say we don’t assist you from time to time during the tour with some shuttle runs to the top)

Big Country, Big Scenery: We specialise in cross country trips often to remote, seldom visited trails, far from the crowds, plenty of time to soak up the scenery and savour the moment.       We cater for intermediate to advanced mountain bike riders, the kind who enjoys the challenge of big climbs and tricky single track and the rewards that come with those challenges.

A Group of Friends on Tour. We strive to create a relaxed, fun environment that feels like a group of friends on holiday. Our trips are guided by people who are keen mountain bikers and want to share the adventure with you. Our personalised groups are small enough so that we can offer the best experience possible during your time with us.

We are flexible; if the tour group want lots of the wild stuff then we can find plenty of that to keep you busy for the duration of your tour, if the group prefers the more groomed trails then again there are plenty of those to visit on both Islands.

Take a break! We haven’t found many people who want to ride none stop the whole time… We break up the biking with some site seeing along the way, and visits to some of the more exhilarating options available if you are keen, If you fancy a ride on a jet boat or a bungee jump, we can organise that; a visit to a winery or a brewery then we cover the driving. We try and fit these breaks in with breaks in the weather, try to keep the sunny days for being on the bike and high in the hills.

And so to summarise; when you pick REAL MOUNTAIN BIKING ADVENTURES you will have a real mountain biking adventure, often in places only a few locals will have visited, you will have a personalised itinerary sorted before you arrive and further options once you are here, we will do everything to make sure your trip is a trip of a lifetime and good enough to want to come back for a second helping…